fredag, april 15, 2011

this one's for you scottie-boy

i know you read my blog like every day. and that you die inside a little bit if i don't update atleast three times a day. right?!
and i love that you take the time to comment every now and then (but why don't you comment here? why on fb?)
but then today i started wondering. how do you actually understand what i write. i remember you asked me in the beginning to do a short translation in english at the end of each blog. and i tried. but it seemed too time-consuming. well, not really, that's just an excuse, so that you wouldn't have to laugh at my english :D since i tried to do that translation recap in finnish aswell. then some random finnish girl commented (in bad swedish) that my finnish is far from perfect. thanks, i know. but at least i try. and people do understand what i mean. i just wanted to do that for my finnish friends that don't understand swedish well. but since someone laughed at me (nevermind that it was someone i didn't actually know...) i stopped. and that's probably why i didn't do the english translation either.
but anyhow. i started thinking, how does he understand me?! i guess the answer is google translate? so i tried it. and i laughed. omg did i laugh. do you actually understand me at all? xD
here's an example for all of you:
two-year-old would not sleep, lies and grumbling in the upper deck while it's full speed onground floor - pizza is baked , the cake is finished and all are eagerly awaiting to give plutten gifts . or yes, all guests are not here yet, only his aunt, aunt + man, grandma, grandmother and grandfather. the rest will come in about an hour.
i myself am just as grumpy as the birthday child at the moment - fell asleep sometime closer to three in the night and woke up countless times. then i brought the jewel, but i give her food and take a turn in the mild saturday morning (yes, this is humane temperatures now, albeit with an icy wind) - mother slept like a log on the couch and did not wake up even though the jewel first scratching on my door and then yelled in front of the couch - oh if we could get to sleep so deeply himself sometime!

see what i mean?! :D