måndag, april 25, 2011

the america-hylla @ minimani: candy&snacks

spearmint, extra, juicy fruit slimpack
jell-o lime, peach, lemon
lifesavers wild cherry, spear mint, butter rum
altoids strong mints
wonka laffy taffy, strawberry banana, blueberry
 wonka nerds, strawberry grape, wild cherry&watermelon
nestlé baby ruth, butterfinger crisp
skittles sour, bubblicious bubblegum
hershey's kisses
little becky marshmallows
 toaster tarts, strawberry, brown sugar cinnamon
orville redenbacher's popcorn, simply salted, movie theater butter
crunch 'n munch caramel popcorn, snyder's of hanover hot buffalo wing pretzel pieces
snyder's honey-mustard and onion, jalapeno, southern style barbecue
burger king, cheesy fries
zesty ranchy onion rings, onion rings, hot fries